Tiwi beach, a paradise beach with white sands.


Tiwi Beach

Tiwi beach is a beach lapped by the warm tongue of the Indian Ocean, located 21kms south of Mombasa. Tiwi is 17km south of the Likoni Ferry and it is easy to get a southbound matatu (taxi-bus) to the junction. It boasts self catering bungalows and cottages set on private secluded beach front with carefully tendered gardens. If you are looking for a beach with no hassles, beach-boys and which is much quieter then visit the Tiwi beach.


Tiwi beach is a paradise beach, it is sandy white dotted with palm trees, waters that are rich with turquoise. The waters of Tiwi beach have an out stretched large reef and hence a bit shallow for swimming but are ideal for lying back due to their warmth. They are a perfect remedy for stress and a great antidote to lingering hangovers of tiresome journeys.

Tiwi is truly entitled to the term paradise. Imagine yourself sitting on the white warm sand enjoying tropical fresh fruits like mangoes, oranges, pineapples, bananas, and papaya which are readily available on the Tiwi beach shores. There are many excursions to do on the Tiwi beach; drives to the nearby Shimba hills game reserve, fishing trips, snorkeling, swimming, diving and surfing. This is a Mecca for sun worshippers and snorkellers alike as the reefs are alive with colorful fish.

Tiwi beach has a collection of gorgeous cottages such as the beehive cottages, which are very beautiful private, secure and are on large acres of magnificent natural coastal bush with indigenous palm nursery, and stables of horses.

Tiwi beach is very popular with budget travelers, mainly because of the old hippy hangout, Twiga Lodge, which offers great budget accommodation. There are also traditional hotel styles accommodations, cabins with ocean views, and camping areas right on the Tiwi beach. In addition there is a close up of eroded coral on the beach.

When you are on Tiwi beach do try the barbeque on the beach. There are fresh fish that are got straight from the boat. The barbeque menu includes red snappers, lobsters, taffy fish, octopus, chapattis, mahamri(some sweet bread-like stuffs) and top it up with fresh mangoes as deserts. Then experience as you eat your fish the beautiful sunset on the beach. After this you can head to the superb bar of Tiwi beach and have a few drinks. It sounds like cliché but it is really real on Tiwi beach.

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