Samburu National Reserve is home to big cats.


Samburu National Reserve

The sun rises early here! The Samburu National Reserve is brown and dusty, littered by the odd green thorn bushes that dot these plains. The Ewaso Nyiro river runs through this place as well.

In the course of early morning game drives, the visitor is bound to see some of the wildlife that has made Kenya famous such as the gerenuk antelope. These creatures are like tiny giraffe. Their necks are longer than those of the average antelopes. Their muscular hind legs support their bodies, as these animals feed standing upright, stretching their necks in order to get to those leaves. A beautiful sight!


The Reticulated giraffes go about their duties here peacefully. They are rich brown in colour, with uneven white lines forming a framework of several sided figures on their backs. You have to see these animals! You are also bound to catch a glimpse of crocodiles at the Reserve, taking a morning bask along the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro river.

Samburu National Reserve also hosts some big cats as well. The Reserve might offer visitors a chance to see the African lion. Often these cats remain out of sight of the ordinary visitor, as they camouflaged in knee-high yellow-brown savannah grass of the Samburu National Reserve.

Other animals that the visitor can see in the Reserve include dik dik, antelopes, gazelles and dozens of guinea fowls. You will be guaranteed an opportunity to view elephants, and probably even get close to them. Though these animals may have poor eye sight, their sense of smell and hearing is extremely powerful. Avoid getting them agitated, especially when you are close.

Not all those spots on the trees belong there. You could be looking at a Leopard, scanning the vicinity for its next meal!, relaxing or just taking cover from the sun. You could try spotting that cheetah as too. Morning game drives provide an excellent view of the wildlife here.

A visit to the local Samburu village is a must. The visitor is sure to be awed by the large colour display, a change from the dry surroundings. Here is a chance to see the red ochered Maasai warriors, with brght red shukas tied around their waists.

The beautifully beaded Maasai women, seated outside their manyattas (huts), complements the picture. A visit inside these manyattas will reveal a small but cool interior. Did I mention that the area experiences crucifying heat? Take a seat on the cowhides and feel the difference!

Samburu National Reserve is divided by the Ewaso Nyiro river into Samburu and Isiolo. Wild animals that the visitor can see on the Isolo side include dik dik, antelopes, gazelles and Zebras. Then there is the Isiolo view point. The point offers a breathtaking view of the plateau!

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