Samburu Kenya boasts of unique flore and fauna.


Samburu Kenya

Samburu reserve is located north of Kenya, 200 miles Nairobi. Samburu National Park is a relatively small but Excellent Park of scrub desert, thornbush, reverine forest and swamps is situated north of Mount Kenya. Elephants and lions are plentiful and leopards are often seen. Samburu is probably the best park in northern Kenya.

The Samburu area is very dry with a lot of scrubs and some acacia trees. However, there is a river known as Uaso Nyiro where there is a narrow band of dreary palms which quite often contain groups of orange-billed parrots. This parrots are mostly heard before seeing them because are sometimes noisy but also very shy.


Samburu Kenya boasts the most unusual fauna of all East Africaís major savannah reserves. There is the densely striped Grevyís zebra (twice as heavy as the more familiar Burch ellís zebra), the reticulated giraffe (neat, geometrically marked coat), the regal Beisa oryx and a comically long-horned race of the Grantís gazelle.

The most unique of them all is the Gerenuk or antelope giraffe, distinguished by its extraordinarily distended neck and freakishly small head. It also possesses a unique manner of feeding; standing near-erect on its hind legs to stretch two meters above the ground and nibble on the leaves that other browsers canít reach.

The Uaso River runs through the Samburu reserve and is the border between the Samburu and Buffalo springs reserve. There are usually plenty of birds in the acacias. The Samburu trees provide shades for its elephants in the middle of the day.

The Uaso nyiro Samburu River is generally wide and shallow but frequently vanishes completely during the dry seasons, while it raises high enough to flood both banks after heavy rains.

The people who live in Samburu Kenya are of course the Samburu people. They are traditionally far ranging nomads. The Samburu, move with their herds of cattle, sheep and goats in search of pasture and water. More recently, the Samburu have began herding camels and using them as pack animals.

The art of camel husbandry was probably acquired from their close relationship with the Rendille and Turkana peoples of the North.

Samburu is less crowded than the Mara or Amboseli, this reserve is serviced by excellent up market lodges situated along the riparian forest fringing the Ewaso Nyiro River - an incongruously luxuriant ribbon through the surrounding dry scrub. A unique activity on offer at Samburu is the camel back safaris

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