Enjoy the Safari wildlife of Kenya.


Safari Wildlife in Kenya

When the word Safari pops up in even the most casual of conversations, several images are conjured up in one’s mind of exotic travels in the African bush where each moment is a magical one-and rightly so. For as long as there have been movie theatres and explorations on the African continent, the union between the two has served to offer the world an insight into the magical continent known as Africa.


The term "Safari" means ‘journey’ in the local Kiswahili language. Safari njema or safe journey as translated in English is a phrase often said to one leaving for a far-off destination. Ever since the nineteenth century, the term had become synonymous with hunting and touring expeditions in East Africa. It is now however, used generally to mean any long or adventurous journey or expedition made by tourists to Africa in various forms. Countries that have become synonymous with the word are Botswana, South Africa, Kenya and Namibia.

Kenya is in itself, exceptional in that it has a magnificent climate and landscape - part of which rests on the equator - making for a land of astounding contrast. The country lies astride the equator and its landscape ranks among the most fascinating and diverse the world over. From coral reefs to the icy peaks of Africa's second - highest mountain (Mt Kenya) and vast savannas stretching to northern deserts such as Chalbi desert in the northern region bordering Sudan and Ethiopia.

Safari wildlife in Kenya is very diverse. There exist hundreds of mammal species including all of Africa's 'big five’: Elephants, Rhinos, Buffaloes, Lions and Leopards. Birds are abundant, common and diverse, with 1114 species. Succulent plants exist plus 871 species of butterfly.

Some of the game parks and reserves exhibiting these different kinds of safari wildlife are:

Amboseli National Park famous for its herds of elephants and for its views of Mount Kilimanjaro, across the border in Tanzania, Haller Park formerly known as the Bamburi Nature Trail- a rehabilitated quarry hosting a variety of wildlife including hippos, giraffe, buffaloes and antelopes, as well as smaller mammals and birds.

The world famous Maasai Mara Game reserve is a place where you can witness vast varieties of safari wildlife and a magnificent array of exotic birds. The famous big five; the elephant, the buffalo, the rhinoceros, the leopard and the king of the jungle itself - the lion, can also be found here.

In addition, the Mara Game reserve is mostly known for the world renowned wildebeest migration. Safari lodges themselves are superb for viewing safari wildlife while you enjoy your lunch between game drives whist lodges and camps are usually located beside rivers, which lure all sorts of wildlife to drink and bathe. Safari lodge activities are quite unique, what with invitations to silver-service bush dinners; night game drives to track the leopard; bush picnics and Maasai dancing.

All in all for someone interested in travelling, their itinerary would most definitely be incomplete without a safari where the wildlife can be viewed in their natural habitat.

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