Top 10 Reasons to make Kenya your Holiday Destination.


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Kenya.

Kenya is a country with very many reasons to describe how beautiful it is and why it should be visited, which would inevitably make it a true and genuine great African experience

1. Wildlife Watching and Nature Safaris:

Kenya is a country where nature has been exceedingly gracious. Within one country you can travel through lush green forests, deserts, equatorial rainforests, montane vegetation, mountains and witness thousands of wildlife, birdlife and insect life species being supported and sustained within the respective ecology. Furthermore, Kenya also boasts the big five wildlife above the ground as well as the big five below the Indian Ocean waters.

So if Wildlife and Nature Safaris is your choice, then a visit to Kenya will provide an authentic African experience.

2. Relaxation, Peace and Pristine Beauty:

We know the daily grind of life: the daily never ending business meetings, career challenges, cooking, cleaning, house chores, groceries, family affairs and relationship, can really take a toll on a human being. Your body too needs to be well served and pampered. All you have to do is relax, receive good service, and enjoy eating the most delicious food African dishes and watch wildlife.

If you want to be time away from daily hustle and bustle, then Kenya is the right get away destination.

3. Indian Ocean Beach Vacation:

Taking an Indian Ocean beach vacation is an experience of a lifetime. The selections includes: remote Indian Ocean beach Islands that are as far away from human contact as possible where the only accessible mode of transportation is a boat or an airplane or at popular beach resort destinations which serve plenty of sun, white sandy beaches and food; the only thing you have to do is know how to spend your time.

Enjoy your time on the Indian Ocean's warm waters while enjoying the sun and white sandy beach, then Kenya is the right place to enjoy your vacation.

4. Cultural Interaction:

Would you like to learn about other cultures and their ways of life, especially Africa? Come enjoy a genuine African experience by visiting the diverse cultures, ways of life and traditions of the people of Kenya.

Meet the tall elegant Maasai whose native language is Maa, and whose dress code would want you to take pictures, to display to your friends at home; also visit ancient civilizations in Lamu, where the town has basically stopped as time flew by.

Come witness the rituals, traditions and rites of passage of the Samburu people or travel to Western Kenya to see the most well decorated natives of Kenya, the Luo people.

So if you want to have a true cultural tour, be sure to make Kenya your cultural destination.

5. Outdoors Activities and Active Adventure:

Many of us have tight schedules where there is little or no time to enjoy the outdoors. The solution to the challenges is a preplanned visit to Kenya. With the country laying right on the Equator, there are no snow days or freezing cold temperatures, unless if you are climbing Mount Kenya. Place yourself on the plains of the Savannah grassland of Kenya on a horseback riding safari instead of a 4x4 vehicle, observing the beautiful Giraffes in the distance or watching a herd of elephant wadding in mud. Take up the challenge to climb the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya.

Motivate yourself and have an adventurous safari to Kenya.

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