Nakuru is an important tourist city in Kenya.


Nakuru Kenya

Nakuru simply means “Dust or Dusty place”, but when in Nakuru you won’t even not any dust due to the brilliant sites the place has to offer. It is currently the forth largest urban town in Kenya. It got its name from the people of maasi community. The economy of Nakuru depends mainly on agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

Nakuru surrounding areas are known for the immense agricultural potential with copious small farmers and also vast agricultural enterprises. Crops like coffee, wheat, barley, maize, and beans are crops that are mainly grown and marketed in Nakuru and other towns.

In the outskirts of Nakuru are massive silos in which these crops are stored in. There is also the diary farming which is another economic activity and provides the inputs for various milk processing plants around the town. Nakuru is home to many manufacturing industries. These industries get their raw materials from the farms around.

Tourism is the other and most important economic activity in Nakuru. Nakuru and the regions around are endowed with cosmic resources that attract both domestic and foreign tourists.

One of the major attractions is the Nakuru national park, which started off small, only encompassing the famous lake and the surrounding mountainous vicinity. But now it has been extended to include a large part of the savannahs.

Lake Nakuru is a very shallow salty lake. It is set in a picturesque landscape of surrounding woodland and grasslands. The landscape includes areas of marsh and grasslands alternating with rocky cliffs and outcrops, stretches of acacia woodland and rocky hillsides covered with euphorbia forest on the Eastern perimeter.

While in Lake Nakuru you will get to enjoy the thousands of flamingoes and other terrestrial and water birds. Lake Nakuru National Park is small, but tightly filled with a large variety of animals. They number about 450 species in total.

There are also a variety of other animals like the endangered white rhino, giraffes, python snakes, leopards, lions, black rhinos and additional mammals. Nakuru has ideal view points; Lion hills, Baboon cliff, and Out of Africa hills, others include Enasoit hill, Honeymoon, Lion hill ridge, waterfalls; Masalia, and very unique vegetation.

Other sites of interest around comprise of the extinct volcano known as Menegai Crater which provides a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside and of the crater itself. There is the Leakey’s discovery the Hyrax Hill Prehistoric site which is considered a major Neolithic and Iron Age site. In addition is the adjoining museum which features findings from various excavations.

The town continues to grow and has good hotel facilities. The relatively new Hotels like The Merica and Cathay are situated close or off the High Street. The Nakuru national park and Lake have adequate and well serviced motor-able roads that make most parts of it accessible. An airstrip is also available.

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