Nairobi Hotels are some of the best in the World.


Nairobi Hotels

In the serene habitat that is Nairobi, as you fly in, drive in or walk in the city, there are many a beautiful scenes to capture the eye. The most hospitable of all these, are the Nairobi hotels. They are located within and without (on the outskirts) the city centre, very beautiful hotels and among the best in the country. Where do I start? There are a range of hotels in Nairobi. Depending on the factors one is considering; talk of quality service, of customer preferences in terms of class, price, accessibility, nearness to the busy streets or away from the city. The whole range of packages is available; Nairobi hotels are a variety to choose from.


Among the most recommended Nairobi hotels (not in any order) are; Intercontinental hotel, The Hilton hotel, The Sarova Stanley hotel, Holiday inn Nairobi, Fairmont the Norfolk hotel, Nairobi Serena hotel, Sarova Panafric Hotel and The Grand Regency hotel.

There are many other such hotels. They are estimated to be 72 hotels in Nairobi. Most of the Nairobi hotels are good, strongly managed on high “world the best” level. They are also very convenient for business travelers. This is due to the high standard conference rooms that they have specifically put up for meeting purposes. They are also conveniently located enabling tourists and other people who use airports to travel in and out when the need arises.

The staff members are also very friendly and very efficient too, always willing to help you when in need or in question. Take this as an example,” I missed my connecting flight to Dubai and had no choice but to stay in Nairobi. I was frustrated, disappointed, upset and in short, a wreck because I was in Nairobi with no prior knowledge of the country since it was supposed to be a transit point. However, after some deliberation, I decided to stay in one of the many Nairobi hotels.

From the first step when the porter opened the door until the time the hotel shuttle dropped me off at the airport, the service was absolutely wonderful, a great experience. The officer was sympathetic and quickly checked me in and ensured I had an easy time adjusting. And she was only a trainee! Imagine the service from the normal staff! The food is also marvelous; breakfast, lunch and dinner are all very good. I can’t stress this anymore. I had a wonderful stay in that hotel”. These are words of a tourist who happened to stay in one of Nairobi hotels.

Nairobi hotels are very secure and paramount, the security personnel will search your vehicle in the inside and outside and even underneath. Don’t be surprised when also you yourself are scrutinized from top to bottom and all is for your own safety. When it comes to amenities the Nairobi hotels have them. If it is the gym, golf clubs, casinos, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, and massages and many other facilities are of high standard that would really excite you. Most Nairobi hotels are suited for all ages, older travelers, younger singles, families with young children, and are also amazing for honeymoons.

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