Nairobi National Park, the most accessible park in Kenya.


Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi best known as “The City in the Sun” This is the only city in the world, which neighbors a natural game protection area, harboring more than 100 species of mammals. This Nairobi National Park is the most accessible park of all Kenya's game parks, being only a few miles from the city centre.

You should set aside a morning or an afternoon to see it. As in all game parks, you must visit it in a vehicle, walking is prohibited. This means you will either have to arrange a lift at the entrance gate with other tourists, go on a tour, or hire a car.


Nairobi National Park is the oldest park in Kenya, created in 1946. For a park so close to the city centre you can see an amazing variety of animals, with a backdrop of jumbo jets coming in to land at Jomo Kenyatta International airport which is adjacent to the park. The most common game animals at the Nairobi National Park include the Gazelle, oryx, lion, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, cheetah and leopard are all seen regularly. Elephants are not to be found in this park as the habitat is not suitable.

However, it is in this park that you have one of the best chances of spotting the black rhino. The concentration of game is higher in the dry season when water is more plentiful inside the park as small dams have been built on the Mbagathi River which forms the southern boundary of the Nairobi National Park.

The Animal Orphanage by the main gate has a sign inside the gate which reads “this is not a zoo” .Well, it is a zoo when circumstances force. From time to time there are young abandoned animals which are nursed through to good health and then released, but basically it is just a zoo.

Along the south-western boundary of the Nairobi Park, the scenery is magnificent; this is an area of steep valleys created by streams joining the Athi River.

Hyraxes are plentiful on the rocks alongside the road and the sure-sighted may spot klipspringer or mountain reedbuck, generally unobserved by the thousands of visitors who search the park annually. Later, on the boundary road there are splendid views over the Kitengela plains, the dispersal area for the park's ungulates.

The Nairobi park side of the river is an area favored by zebra. Interestingly, the Nairobi National Park contains a historic Ivory Burning Site. This was the site where President Daniel Arap Moi burnt 10 tons of ivory to make a bold statement in eliminating the poaching of elephants for the tusks. Since then, such fires have been lit twice to destroy confiscated rhino horns and ivory.

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