Machakos kenya, a major town in Eastern Kenya.


Machakos Kenya

Machakos is a town in Kenya, 64 kilometres southeast of Nairobi. It is the capital of the Machakos District in Eastern Province of Kenya. Machakos town is a major rural centre, and also a satellite town due to its proximity to Nairobi. Its population is rapidly growing. People who live here are mostly the Akamba. Machakos is surrounded by hilly terrain, with a high number of family farms.

Machakos is quite a small town, which you can get around on foot in less than an hour. The clean streets and orderly town life will impress a first time visitor. The picturesque background of the hills that surround the town give it an almost picture perfect look.

Machakos open air market. Fruits, vegetables and other food stuffs like maize mbemba, beans mboso, etc is sold here. Major market days are Mondays and Fridays. Those who are financially disadvantaged can buy second hand clothes mutumba in the open air market, situated differently from the marikiti.

There is a bus terminus in Nairobi popularly known as the Machakos Airport. It's a busy place where Buses and Matatus depart for Machakos and Kitui.

Machakos has tourism attractions and can make a great weekend getaway. Among the sites to visit in Machakos’ is a sacred tree with 'breasts' and a mythical hill that will change your sex if you go round it seven times. For those who love silence, the Machakos Sports Club with its nine-hole golf course will be a good option.

A place in one of the surrounding hills is famous “Kyamwilu” It is located on Kituluni Hill, 12 east of Machakos town. It is here that vehicles and water defy Isaac Newton's law of gravity to do the reverse.

You pour water on a marked part of the slope and, instead of it flowing downwards; it climbs up with admirable ease.

It is also on this hill that when you switch off your car engine and free the gears your vehicle climbs up the hill instead of rolling downwards!.

Some young men say that when it rains, the water flows up the hill for almost a kilometer. Legend has it that this was once an altar where the people made sacrifices. Another story is that the area has large amounts of mineral deposits that are affecting the rule of gravity.

Agriculture is the mainstay of the local community and although a generally dry region, the town itself is quite leafy and you will even find coffee plantations close by where you can go for a tour.

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