lake baringo: A great place for adventure.


lake baringo.

Lake Baringo is part of the Great Rift Valley, the earth’s great scar, which in Kenya is infringed by a number of lakes. After the very big Turkana, Baringo is the northern most and second to none in area, having 130Km2. And with Naivasha, Baringo provides the only fresh water shallow in the Kenyan Rift.

The lake is not officially graded as a conservation area, but it is the home for over 400 bird species that offer the region its main attraction. The lake is or was a quiet and lonely oasis fixed firmly in steeps and land that has prescience of the northern desert. Till the end of the 19th century, both Baringo and Bogoria were only visited by the slaves who travelled together; the remains of Fort Baringo, far back as these years, are seen and found there.


Over the past years, tourism in the region has risen, thus, Lake Baringo is gaining fame as a tourism point. Also, at the land that skirts the lake, you can find pleasure in a peaceful mood not similar at all to the most crowded parks.

Its chocolate waters, discoloured with the soil of the region, change in colouring along the day and depending on the sky’s colour. After the sun has set, the tourist can look at the Hippos coming from the water to graze they are noisy groups at the moonlit pastures. The local people are known as Njemps and are fishers and shepherds close to the Maasai who speak a dialect of the Maa language.

Lake Baringo is infested with crocodiles, however, the crocodiles of the lake are young, and thus they are neither harmful as the bigger crocodiles found in the rivers. Baringo fresh waters has different types of fish, which are not found in the alkaline lakes, also it offers a wide variety of water birds.

The rocky island of Gibraltar, at the eastern land that skirts Lake Baringo, has got the biggest Goliath heron number in the whole of east Africa.

Another area on enjoyment is the escarpment that is located near the town of Kambi ya samaki, at the land in the west, where if the watcher is lucky, could find Verreaux’s eagles, Hemp Rich’s hornbills and bristle-crowned starlings.

Lake Baringo provides a variety of activities which involve fishing, water sports (ski, wind surfing), camel rides, day trips to the neighboring Lake Bogoria national Reserve or touring a Njemps village, where you can get to indulge with the local community for dances. Activities are mostly taken care of by the two lodges at the lake, that is, Lake Baringo club and Island camp. Local fishermen also offer boat trips, while on these trips, they always spread fish as food to entice the fish eagles.

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