Kenya tours are among the best in the world.


Kenya Tours

Kenya tours are among the best around the globe. If you desire splendid sightseeing, breath taking expeditions and other great attractions, you should make a point of touring Kenya.

Most of Kenya tours never miss the visit to Kenyan parks and reserves. In all the corners of the country there is either a park or a reserve. In central Kenya there are Mount Kenya Park, the Aberdares Park, Samburu and buffalo reserve, Meru Park, Bisanadi reserve, Rahole reseve, Kora Park, and the rift valley lakes; lake Nakuru and Naivasha marala and many more.


Near Nairobi: Nairobi national park. Western Kenya: Lake Victoria, Ruma Park and Maasai Mara. Northern Kenya: Lake Turkana, Sibiloi Park, nasalot reserve, south turkana reserve, Marsabit Park. South and east Kenya: Tsavo Parks, Taita hills sanctuary, eastern national reserves and Amboseli Park. Kenya offer tours to the cities, wildlife destinations, adventure destinations and beach destinations in Kenya.

You can book wildlife resorts, beach resorts, luxury hotels and hotels in Kenyan cities on Tour to Kenya. Kenya tours can lead to Brazilian style restaurants that offer menu famous for exotic charcoal grilled meat including wild game such as crocodile, zebra, eland and wildebeest in addition to succulent lamb, beef, chicken and pork dishes all roasted on skewers over a huge wood fire. A must for meat lovers!

There are also other kinds of Kenya tours, reminiscent of Great African rift valley, Kenya Mountains, lakes, Kenya honeymoon, Kenya cultural, and Kenya plantation. Traveling to the national parks and scenic regions of Kenya and East Africa will give you an unforgettable holiday. Take a tour of Nairobi city and see the living museum of indigenous Kenyan life - The Bomas of Kenya.

Here numerous homesteads (bomas) reflecting Kenya's cocktail of cultures have been recreated to portray the traditional lifestyles of Kenya's many tribes. Also enjoy colorful performances by dancers which depict events in their respective tribes.

When in Rome, be Roman. If in France, speak French. But in Kenya, a handful of Swahili phrases will not only get you out of a fix but would also win over the hearts of the Kenyans.

Since Safaris are an integral part of even the least challenging tours to Kenya, it is only in your best interest that you call the animal by its right name. Other wise you'll end up spotting a giraffe instead of a lion.

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