kenya safaris, experience the best cultures, wildlife and sceneries.


kenya safaris.

Kenyan safaris are crowned as the centre of action when it comes to African safaris. Kenya, a country in the eastern Africa boasts of a great base of wildlife and cultures. It has 42 different communities and they all bring forth their cultures. It also has a great wealth of wildlife and it has beautiful sceneries. This leads to most tourists pouring to Kenya. Due to this Kenya has been dubbed as the destination safari of Africa.

Beyond the cultures, wildlife and sceneries, Kenya has been divided into remarkable physical regions; from the beautiful beaches of the coast, to the long stretch of plateaus, to arid lands, to semi-arid pouring, and to cool climatic regions. What becomes interesting for each region is the allocation of wildlife, cultures and sceneries and the natural vegetations that one enjoys when on safari.


For foreign tourists, once you land in Kenya you will either be looking for safari touts or they will be looking for you. This will only happen if you had not booked a safari lodge or a safari destination. Booking for a safari destination and what company to provide this service is not complicated.

You only need to identify the concerned agencies and if there are none the Kenyan embassy will be proud to guide in this venture. Once you identify the company, if through online, you can get to pay booking fees using your credit card as they take your details of your arrival among others.

Different safari companies have come up with types of organized safaris. You may opt to take the camping safari package where you get into the adventure by camping where the action is or you may opt to take the stay-in package where you get to tour and then in the evening you go back to your lodge or luxury tent. The safari companies also have other packages such as the walking safari or the cycling safari. These bring you to a one on one view of the spectacle you are interested in.

Most safari companies will give you transfers between Nairobi and Mombasa where you get to experience all types of wildlife, cultures and sceneries. In the national parks these companies will give you wildlife drives which last anywhere between 3-4 hours since this is when the wildlife is most active.

Since you cannot sit and stare as you wait for the evening to view the wildlife, the safari company will take you to different places to enjoy nature depending on where you are.

For instance if you are in the coast you will spend sometime in the beach, viewing the old towns or even visiting the land marks such as the Vasco Da Gama pillar, Fort Jesus and the Gede ruins among others. If you are in the central regions you will have a tantalizing experience climbing the captivating Mt. Kenya. If you are in the western Kenya you will get to visit the crying stones of Kakamega and if in the eastern, you will get to climb a hill that defies the law of gravity!.

If you are not doing this you will be busy getting entertained by the Kenyan communities which will bring to you a great deal of culture to you from foods, narratives, traditions and you name it. Kenyan safaris mare most tantalizing between July and October as the herbivores migrate from Kenya to Tanzania for greener pastures. This migration tends to attract the carnivores too bringing forth awesome action!

Whatever you do, choose to forget everything except one thing, your camera!

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