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Kenya is a great country to visit. Many people love to travel to Kenya and enjoy its great vacation places, scenery and wildlife. However, there are many other things that make Kenya the beautiful place it is.

Here. you will find information about Kenya economy which is growing steadily over the last several years. Many Kenyans abroad want to return and invest in Kenya. The first thing people want to buy is a house.

Kenya's real estate market is growing rapidly, both for rental properties and family owned homes. Being an Agricultural country, cash crops such as tea and coffee play a big role in the economy.


How to prepare for a trip to Kenya.
These are the basic things you need to do to prepare for a successful trip to Kenya.

Kenya coffee industry for the best coffee in the world
Kenya is the 17th largest producer of coffee in the world. The Kenya coffee industry is noted for its cooperative system of milling, marketing, and auctioning coffee, and its.

Kenya tea farmers produce the highest grade tea
The small scale farmers also produce the highest grades of tea. Kenya Tea Development manages their tea.

Discover Kenya the land of great diversity.
Kenya is land that is blessed with a lot of diversified resources. Kenya is a diverse country, with many different cultures represented.

Kenya Immigration Department facilitates international travel.
The main function of the Immigration Department is to facilitate international travel of Kenyans. Travel documents issued by the department include: Kenya and East Africa passports, Temporary permits

Kakuma town is located in Turkana District.
Kakuma town is located in Turkana District, in the northwestern region of Kenya. The town has hosted the Kakuma Refugee Camp since 1992. This camp serves over 70,000 people from neighbouring countries that have been at war for a long time..
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