Hellís Gate National Park.


Hellís Gate National Park.

Hellís Gate National Park is one of the only two lowland parks in Kenya which you can walk through without a ranger/guide. The looming and the Hell's Gate gorge itself are spectacular, and are home to a wide variety of bird and animal life. On a walk through the park it is possible to see the zebra, Thomsonís gazelle, antelope, baboon and even the occasional cheetah or leopard. Ostriches and the rare lammergeyer are also sighted on occasion.


The usual access point is through the main Elsa Gate, two km from Moi South Lake Road. From here the road takes you past Fischer's Tower, a 25 m high column of volcanic rock named after Gustav Fischer, a German explorer who reached here in 1883.He had been commissioned by the Hamburg Geographical Society to find a route from Mombasa to Lake Victoria but this was about as far as he got, largely because he was unable to get on good terms with hostile Maasai.

The road then continues through the steep sided gorge and emerges at the Ol Karia Geothermal Station, a power project which utilizes one of the hottest sources of the world. You can see the plumes of steam rising into the air from many viewpoints in the Hellís Gate National Park.

South-east of here, you will see Central Tower, another column of volcanic rock similar to Fisher's Tower but much larger. From the geothermal plant the track heads back to the lake shore via the Ol Karia Gate, and emerges in the vicinity of Oserian Farm, which is now a large supplier of cut flowers, fruit and vegetables to the European market, and Elsamere.

The only drinking water available in the park is at the camp sites. If you do not want to walk through the park it may be possible to arrange a trip by car if you ask around at Fisherman's Camp.

Visitors to the Hellís Gate National Park are offered a wide range of activities, ranging from driving, walking, camping, rock climbing and even horseback safaris as well as game viewing, Raptor nesting in cliffs, Spectacular gorge walk, hot springs, scenic landscape, the Geothermal Station, Maasai culture..

There are three camping sites ateh Hellís Gate Park which are Oldubai Campsite, Naiburuta and Endacha camp site. Hell's Gate is well known for its hot geysers. There are extinct volcanoes such as Olkaria and Hobley's. Moreover, a black glassy rock called Obsidian forms from the cool molten lava. Visitors can observe animals like the buffalo, Maasai giraffe, eland, Coke's hartebeest, lion, leopard, and cheetah. Moreover, there are over 103 species of birds in the park, including vultures, Eagles, augur buzzard and swifts.

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