Eldoret, home of kenya's great athletes.


Eldoret Kenya

Eldoret is a town in Western of Kenya. It is the administrative center of Uasin Gishu of Rift Valley. It lies in south of the famous Cherengany hills. Eldoret is currently the fastest growing town, and the 5th largest in Kenya.

It got its name from the white-settlers who could not pronounce a Maasai name ‘eldare’ which means ‘stony river’ Eldoret area has been occupied by the Nandi, Maasai, and the Sirikwa but this was from the colonial era. Today it has a large number of the different ethnic tribes in Kenya.

Eldoret town is a home to a large market. It has very many factories the most famous being the cheese factory. There are also some industries which are major they include textile, corn, pyrethrum, and wheat.

In education Eldoret is not left behind, it is home to Moi University which is the second medical school in Kenya. A national polytechnic is also found in Eldoret town.

Eldoret is also home to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)'s High Altitude Training Center for Kenyan and international athletes. With this Eldoret has produced outstanding athletes, one being the legendary Kipchoge Keino. Eldoret is also an agricultural area, it produces mostly maize which is a staple food in Kenya.

Eldoret, the largest town in Rift Valley boasts of an international airport, it has all the conveniences such as hotels, clubs, and lodgings. Eldoret is a good place to stock up for ones explorations of the western highlands.

For a person southbound on a Kenya safari to the Maasai Mara or Aberdare National park he or she may want to break the journey with a stopover in Eldoret.

Eldoret is also home to a number of nationally recognized manufacturing industries like Raiply woods, Ken-Knit and Lochab Brothers. All these industries were set up and developed by some of the oldest Indian origin families in the rift valley region namely The Rai's, The Shah's and The Lochab's.

Eldoret has a number of estates and each estate has its identity. Some of the estates include; Elgon View, Langas, Huruma, Kapsoya, Kahoya, West Indies, West, Kipkaren, Kimumu, Jerusalem, Pioneer among many others

The outbreak of violence which was early this year began with outcry over election scandals, but it seemed to have turned into a genocidal war between tribes, of the same kind to what has occurred in Rwanda. Church buildings and cathedrals were packed with people seeking refuge from the violence. Many pastors and Christians from Eldoret, worked tirelessly for the care of the poor in that city. The stress and danger these precious people were facing during the Eldoret skirmishes was immense. Eldoret International Airport serves the city and was voted the cleanest airport in the country in 2001. The Trans -African highway also passes through the town. It is also served by the Kenya-Uganda railway.

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