Kenya Cities: Discover the sights and sounds of beautiful kenyan cities


Kenya Cities and Towns

Kenya has many beautiful towns and cities that are a big attraction to tourists and visitors. While most travelers go to Kenya to see Animals in the game reserves, many others visit popular tourist towns like Mombasa, Nairobi and Malindi to enjoy many interesting sights and sounds offered in those towns.


Kenya is a big tourist destination and hence has developed a very sophisticated tourist infrastructure centered around its cities and towns. You will find very high quality hotels and entertainment places in Kenyan towns.

Many other tourist attractions exist within the many big and small cities in Kenya. Nairobi has a big game park where visitors, both local and foreign enjoy the natural view of the landscape and the animals that reside there.

Other big tourist cities are the coastal cities of Mombasa and Malindi. These are the most well known towns that attract millions of visitors from all over the world.

Eldoret kenya, home of kenya's great athletes
Eldoret is a town in Western of Kenya. It is the administrative center of Uasin Gishu of Rift Valley. It lies in south of the famous Cherengany hills.

Kakamega kenya, the provincial headquarters of Western Province
Local Inhabitants of Kakamega are mostly the Luhya tribe, whose economic activity is mainly farming and fishing.

Kisumu, the main trading center of the Lake Victoria region
Kisumu is a port city in Western Kenya and it is the third largest city in Kenya and second most important city in the greater basin of Lake Victoria

Malindi is the second famous town in kenya coast.
Malindi is well known for its gastronomic expertise with the restaurants, hotels, coffeehouses, and other eating places.

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya.
Mombasa is an island separated by two creeks from the mainland; Tudor creek and Kilindini Harbor. It is connected by ferries and bridges to the mainland.....

Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya.
Nairobi is the regional headquarters of several international companies and organizations. This makes it one of the most influential cities in Africa.....

Naivasha is a beautiful town in Kenya's Rift Valley Province.
Today Naivasha, with its cool climate, has become a peaceful haven for Nairobi residents and tourists. It is also a major production area for fruit, vegetables and, more recently, vineyards....

Nakuru is an important tourist city in Kenya.
Nakuru simply means “Dust or Dusty place”, but when in Nakuru you won’t even not any dust due to the brilliant sites the place has to offer. It is currently the forth largest urban town in Kenya...

Thika, a market town in Kenya's central province
Thika is in the northeast of Nairobi about 40kms away. Thika is rapidly growing, extending towards the greater Nairobi area. It is the capital town of Thika district...

Kibera is one of the largest Kenya slum
Originating in 1918, Kibera is a Nubian word meaning jungle or forest. It began as a Nubian soldiers' settlement in a forest outside Nairobi...

Mombasa Town, or Kisiwa Cha Mvita in Swahili
Mombasa “Old Town” is reminiscent of the days when the Portuguese used to rule Mombasa, and you can experience the history even today in the structures that still stand...

Bungoma is a town in the Western province of Kenya.
Bungoma is close Mt. Elgon, a dormant volcano that offers good escapade and jungle adventure for tourists...

Lamu Kenya, an old historic stone town
Lamu island’s aura is captivating; the fascinating buildings, its massive carved doors, numerous mosques, the narrow streets and no cars offer quite a charming experience...

Garissa Kenya, a town in North Eastern Province.
The Garissa town is a market centre situated on the Tana River, and its industries process food, beverages, and tobacco products; manufactures include plastic containers..

Machakos kenya, a major town in Eastern Kenya.
Machakos town is a major rural centre, and also a satellite town due to its proximity to Nairobi. Its population is rapidly growing. People who live here are mostly the Akamba..

Nyeri Kenya, a great place to Enjoy Mt Kenya Scenery.
Nyeri has many attractions that tourists, both local and foreign come to enjoy. Among these scenic views include the Aberdare Ranges, the snow capped Mount Kenya .
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