Kenya Camping Safari for Unique Safari experience.


Kenya Camping Safari.

You Never say that you have tasted adventure if you have not gone out on a camping safari! Camping safari is not any different to any other safari only that you get to camp where the action is.

In Kenya, camping safaris are of different types which include the following: 3 days at the Maasai Mara game reserve, Samburu national park, and Amboseli national park, 4 days at the Maasai Mara and lake Nakuru, and Maasai Mara only, 5 days Samburu and the Great Rift valley lake, 6 days of climbing Mt. Kenya, 7 days visiting the Samburu, lake Nakuru and the Maasai Mara, 8 days at visiting the lake Turkana and Lake Baringo.


An ideal 3 day Samburu national park camping safari has its schedule as follows: Day 1 involves departure from Nairobi driving through the pineapple and extensive plantations in central Kenya the crossing the equator at Nanyuki and Mt Kenya to Samburu national park, having a picnic lunch enroute.

After lunch you then get to proceed to Samburu arriving on time for a late afternoon or early evening game drive. After the drive, dinner is served at the samburu campsite as you get to enjoy the performances from the communities within.

In day 2, there is an early morning game drive where you get to enjoy the wild as it goes to rest after a night of activity. After this drive you get to drive back to the camp for breakfast before you head back to the wild for a mid-morning game drive. Here you get to photograph the big five and other rare animals like the Somali Ostrich and the grevy zebra and baisy Oryx and many more.

All meals and dinner are served at the campsite. Here as you relax in the camp will get to share the rich samburu cultures as they take you through their artifacts. Day 3, early morning game drive, breakfast then a road trip backing to Nairobi with a picnic lunch enroute.

The main derived advantage of this kind of safari is the adventure it presents. Having lived in comfortable and well furnished houses, camping safari brings to you the true wild experience that you will not get anywhere close to home!

It is in a camping safari where you will get to here the mighty roar of the lion as if it were two steps away or even here the wild thumps of the gazelle as it keeps of from trouble.

Any tour company that you choose to be you guide in this tantalizing experience have been approved by the Kenyan ministry of tourism as of capable to offer the service. This means that the different companies have the right stuff and facilities to conduct this service.

Being a camping safari does not mean that your safety is compromised. In your company, there will be very well trained rangers who will uphold your safety by all standards. These servicemen have all the right equipment and will be around you to ensure that you feel at home in the wild!

The only way to fully understanding this is by taking a holiday off and making a home from the wild by a camping safari.

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