Bungoma is a town in the Western province of Kenya.


Bungoma Kenya

Home to the Bukusu people (one of the Luhya tribes), Bungoma Kenya, a town in the Western province is bordered by Uganda in the west. While the region has little or no game, the proximity to Mt. Elgon, a dormant and the oldest as well as largest solitary volcano in East Africa, offers good escapade; the area bears a remote region whose jungle creates thrilling adventure for tourists!.

The residents practice farming and business as a major economic activity. Bungoma Kenya was established as the last supply stop on the Kenya portion of the railway line.

It grew to be a district administrative center and what's more, in recent years the district has seen heartening growth owing to the sugar factories in Nzoia and Mumias, not forgetting the Pan African paper factory at Webuye. Bungoma attracts investors given the availability of land for development most of which is freehold.

Culturally, the Bukusu value their circumcision rites. The ceremony, held every even year, in August and December, is one to behold; its dramatic nature and the sentimental attachment to the initiation of their sons is a must see. It is also one of the communities (if not the only one) which has managed to stick to the theatrical practice religiously. One cannot ignore the political influence it has on the community, for it poses a challenge to those aspiring for leadership positions. Woe unto you! You who has not faced the knife for you shall not be perceived man enough!

The Bukusu in Bungoma Kenya are famed for resisting colonial rule in the 1940s. In the forefront was Elijah Masinde, crusader, spiritual leader and founder of Dini ya Msambwa which regards Mt. Elgon as their Mt. Zion (Sayoni).

Msambwa (Luhya word meaning The Spirit of a people"), are among the few that have a religious following in Bungoma, Trans-Nzoia, Turkana, Baringo and West-Pokot districts and in the neighbouring Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The religion, despite being declared illegal by the colonial and post colonial governments, is still growing strong even after the death of the legendary founder in 1986.

The Tourist Hotel in Bungoma Kenya was an initiate project of the Bungoma Teachers Enterprises Limited given the potential of the town as a tourist appeal. Other hotels offering accommodation vary depending on the pocket; the three star Park Villa Hotel in Webuye Town, Kiringet Hotel, Bungoma Countryside, Maps Hotel and New Wings. The latter three are suitable for the budget vacationers

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