Bomas of Kenya, a place to Discover Kenya's Rich culture.


Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya is located only 10kms from the capital city, it was commenced in 1971, by the Government of Kenya as a home to the rich cultural diversity enjoyed foreign and local tourists in this great republic of Kenya. It was started as a subsidiary company of Kenya Tourist Development Corporation as a tourist attraction. As the foremost institution in cultural resources preservation and management, Bomas of Kenya is bound to play a better role in the growth, development and promotion of cultural tourism in Kenya.


Bomas of Kenya has the obligation to generate cultural awareness for current and future generations; it accomplishes this by the various events held, the main events being the cultural shows which are held at designated times and the pleasant cultural villages built and well managed to preserve, maintain and promote the rich diverse cultural values of various ethnic groups of Kenya.

The different aspects of Kenyan culture displayed include; living styles, crafts, music and dancing. Currently Bomas of Kenya has thirty seven different dances collected from different tribes of Kenya performed by the famous harambee dancers daily in the Auditorium (3000 pax).

Other facilities in the Bomas of Kenya include a new hall with a sitting of 2000pax, a mini hall for seminars, workshops and also for stage shows, picnic sites, children playground, outdoor soccer and volley grounds, indoor volleyball, badminton, pool and table tennis, a secure car parking for over 3000 vehicles, a well equipped kitchen and bar manned by well trained cooks, waiters and barmen; open for seven days a week, the restaurant is reasonably priced.

Nearness to the city centre, major international and local airports- Wilson and Jomo Kenyatta Airport implies it is very accessible to international and domestic tourists; it thus attracts thousands almost every weekend hence achieving its objective.

Bomas of Kenya endures the challenge to preserve the spirit of a community and its cultural resources, offer a bonafide experience, respect the social and cultural way of life of the different communities and ensure sustainability and authenticity of the tourist product which is a challenge faced by any organization.

To enable efficient operation, the Bomas of Kenya is divided into four departments; Finance and Administration, Production, Food and Beverage and Marketing each headed by a manager reporting to the Chief Executive Officer. It has total staff strength of about 150 employees.

Bomas of Kenya has enjoyed several awards; locally and internationally. These include; The Hanover Expo Germany (14th to 26th Aug, 2000), The London Expo Britain (11th to 18th Nov, 2000), Change of Kenya Airways office Saudi Arabia (4th to 5th Nov, 2001), Morocco for Turkana movie(13th to 20th Dec, 2002), Drummers to Singapore (1st to 15th July, 2005), Export AICHI Japan (9th to 22nd Aug, 2005), Kenya week in Pakistan (13th to 19th March, 2006) and ASK shows in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

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