Kenya has magnificent wildlife and animals in her national parks and game reserves.


Animals in Kenya

Kenya is a country with contrasting habitats and scenery, from the long stretches of Indian Ocean coast in the East to the Western rainforest and from the Northern deserts through the central highland forest and down to the rolling grasslands of the Maasai Mara in the South. This diverse geography means that it has an equally diverse ecology with a vast range of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.


Kenya offers magnificent game drives through her national parks and game reserves. The endless plains the biodiversity of both plants and animals is worth noticing. The blazing sun, raising dust, as the packs of animals cross the great savannah grasslands is a sight to behold.

Kenya has more than fifty nature sanctuaries to preserve its vast array of wildlife. At the time of independence in 1963 there were only 12 parks. Since then the number of reserves has expanded rapidly.

Nairobi the capital city of Kenya boasts of a National Park just 7 kilometers from the city center where animals such as gazelles, giraffes, lions, duikers, cheetahs, monkeys and different species of birds can all be seen in there natural habitats.

The historical and economic ties to wildlife run deep, and concerted efforts are being made to preserve the balance of animals in nature. Prevention of poaching and the conservation of endangered species are points of emphasis for the government. Tourism and safaris in Kenya provide not only the opportunity to see these animals in their natural environment, but to assist them in their fight for survival. Kenya is also home to a thousand and more species of birds.


Over one hundred species of mammals in Kenya are native, most notably the "big five". These include the elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, lion, and leopard. The title refers to the early days of safari, when these were the prized trophies of hunting expeditions.

Kenya covers two major Wildlife zones, so certain species are only found in the northern and arid areas. Due to having two rainy seasons, Kenya is able to support higher densities of wildlife, making it excellent for game-viewing opportunities.

The animals in Kenya offer a unique cultural and wildlife blend safari, where you can have an opportunity to view the wildlife of Kenya meet her people and if you so wish crown it with a beautiful beach vacation to our coastal town of Mombasa. The Kenya wildlife service was founded to conserve and manage Kenya's natural environment for the benefit of its both foreign and domestic tourists.

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