African Safari Wildlife for chance to see great wildlife.


African Safari Wildlife.

They say that Africa is the cradle of mankind but I tend to add that it is at the same time the cradle of wildlife. From north, south east and west, Africa is all wildlife. To this the African safaris are encapsulated in adventurous experiences. Most of the visiting tourists are interested with the big five of the African wild. These are: the lion, the buffalo, the leopard, the rhino and the elephant. Lions are the easiest to spot among the felines as they live in groups of up to 15.You will be amazed to see how they interact with their cubs.


Just like humans these little ones play with their mothers, who always look bored! The lions never seem interested with the humans observing them. They are not prone to attacking humans and unless you are unlucky to get to meet the man-eating lions. As you camp you most probably get to hear of the lion roar. You will mostly see them in the Eastern and Southern safaris. Those safaris include South African countries such as Botswana, South Africa Zambia, Zimbabwe, and the eastern African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania.

The buffalo is a very intimidating animal to even look at. They are always in herds which are more intimidating and always furious. They are said to have caused most of the game deaths. They weigh a whooping 700kgs. They are even never attacked by lions! While on African safari.

The elephant is the hugest living mammal in the world. It is the most adaptable animal as it can survive in the rain forests, deserts and in the savannah. You will see them in their families once on the African safari. Elephants are really not harmful and will only turn wild if disturbed. You will see them in Botswana South Africa Namibia Kenya Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

The leopard is a very interesting cat. You might actually not get to see them since they have their platforms as trees where they observe the serene grasslands from. When on safari please remember to look up. They can be found at Botswana, South Africa Zimbabwe and Kenya.

The rhino is the second hugest mammal in this wild. They are very hot tempered and also short sighted. They are of two classifications, the black rhino and the white rhino. The black rhino is almost extinct and we only have a population spanning to around 3000 animals.

The white rhino are more numerous. The most fascinating thing about this classification is the fact that all rhinos are grey! Due to scarcity these animals are only found in Kenya, Namibia, and South Africa. Beyond this, there are other interesting animals. There are the cheeky monkeys, the irritating hyenas the beautiful birds, the wildebeests.

Different organizations have come up to receive both local and international tourists and guide them into this tantalizing experience. Such organizations are: East African wildlife safaris, a Wildlife safari (which are based in Kenya and covers an extensive twelve countries) and Home of Africa safari wildlife.

These organizations with the aid of their governments come up with annual safaris at affordable prices. Such are the wildebeest’s migrations from the Mara (Kenya) to the Serengeti (Tanzania), where tourists get to watch this wonder of the world at very reasonable prices. All in all no matter how much is said the best experience is always first hand. Get to pack your bags and embark on your African safari and get the best of wildlife.

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