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Kenya is a beautiful country with a great variety of things to see. Every person wishing to enjoy an African Safari will think of the great tourist country of kenya as his or her first choice to travel and enjoy a great safari.


However, Kenya is not all Safari and wilderness. Kenya is a very well developed country with a great selection of high quality hotels, economy hotels, luxury hotels and in between to cater for all tastes and classes. You will be surprised to find that all visitors in Kenya find great accommodation in these magnificent hotels. In this website, we will guide you in your selection of the best hotels to suit your budget and taste

A lot of people, both local and foreigners love travelling in Kenya due to its many attractions, safari packages and excellent touring infrastructure rivaling the best destinations in the world.

There is a huge selection of flights to and from Kenya and a large pool of quality touring companies to serve all your travel needs.

One will not consider himself well travelled unless they visit Kenya cities which are filled with great things and adventures. From the large cities of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, you will enjoy their unique characteristics while moving to the smaller cities which also offer their own unique flavors and cultures.

The people of Kenya are also great people whom you will get to know and enjoy their unique cultures and way of life. There are many tribes in Kenya, each with their own language and culture but all unite under a single language of Swahili to form a cohesive country


They are all proud of being kenyan but also like to preserve their own unique ways of life. We will guide you in your discovery of Kenyan peoples culture, customs, languages, foods, festivals, celebrations, marriages and many other things that make kenyan people a unique and interesting people.

There are many attractions in kenya that you would not want to miss. From the great kenya wildlife, warm sandy beaches, lakes and national parks, you will find Kenya to be a very interesting place. We will also guide you through other important information and resources about kenya. Think about kenya foods, agriculture, ecomony, jobs and businesses, we have it all.

How to prepare for a trip to Kenya.
These are the basic things you need to do to prepare for a successful trip to Kenya.

Amboseli National Park, formerly Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve
Amboseli National park is at the core of an ecosystem that spreads across the Kenya-Tanzania border. The local people are mainly Maasai....

Kenya has magnificent wildlife and animals in her national parks and game reserves.
Kenya offers magnificent game drives through her national parks and game reserves. The endless plains the biodiversity of both plants and animals is worth noticing....

Bomas of Kenya, a place to Discover Kenya's Rich culture.
Bomas of Kenya aims to generate cultural awareness by holding various events and cultural shows held at the pleasant cultural villages ....

Samburu Kenya boasts the most unusual fauna of all East Africa
Samburu reserve is located north of Kenya, 200 miles Nairobi. Samburu National Park is a relatively small but Excellent Park of scrub desert ....

Mara Kenya, also known as Maasai Mara is a Game park in Kenya
Mara Kenya is mostly famous for its lions and the other “Big Five” members. Other animals in the Mara Kenya include hippopotami which are found in groups, cheetahs....

Mount Kenya is the highest peak in Kenya
Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro. It is located in the central Kenya, just south of the equator and northeast of Nairobi city...

Wildlife Safari offers great opportunity to see Animals.
The Wildlife Safari can be in many forms. From mountain climbing, bird watching safari, flying safari from either Maasai mara over Amboseli, Tsavo to Lake Turkana..

Kenya coffee industry for the best coffee in the world
Kenya is the 17th largest producer of coffee in the world. The Kenya coffee industry is noted for its cooperative system of milling, marketing, and auctioning coffee, and its.

Kenya tea farmers produce the highest grade tea
The small scale farmers also produce the highest grades of tea. Kenya Tea Development manages their tea.

Discover Kenya the land of great diversity.
Kenya is land that is blessed with a lot of diversified resources. Kenya is a diverse country, with many different cultures represented.

Eldoret kenya, home of kenya's great athletes
Eldoret is a town in Western of Kenya. It is the administrative center of Uasin Gishu of Rift Valley. It lies in south of the famous Cherengany hills.

Kakamega kenya, the provincial headquarters of Western Province
Local Inhabitants of Kakamega are mostly the Luhya tribe, whose economic activity is mainly farming and fishing.

Kisumu, the main trading center of the Lake Victoria region
Kisumu is a port city in Western Kenya and it is the third largest city in Kenya and second most important city in the greater basin of Lake Victoria

Malindi is the second famous town in kenya coast.
Malindi is well known for its gastronomic expertise with the restaurants, hotels, coffeehouses, and other eating places.

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya.
Mombasa is an island separated by two creeks from the mainland; Tudor creek and Kilindini Harbor. It is connected by ferries and bridges to the mainland.....

Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya.
Nairobi is the regional headquarters of several international companies and organizations. This makes it one of the most influential cities in Africa.....

Naivasha is a beautiful town in Kenya's Rift Valley Province.
Today Naivasha, with its cool climate, has become a peaceful haven for Nairobi residents and tourists. It is also a major production area for fruit, vegetables and, more recently, vineyards....

Nakuru is an important tourist city in Kenya.
Nakuru simply means “Dust or Dusty place”, but when in Nakuru you won’t even not any dust due to the brilliant sites the place has to offer. It is currently the forth largest urban town in Kenya...

Kenya tours are among the best in the world.
Most of Kenya tours never miss the visit to Kenyan parks and reserves. In all the corners of the country there is either a park or a reserve.....

Kenya has diverse weather in its different geographical areas.
Kenya is quite diverse geographically, with different areas of the country have quite varied climatic conditions. Monsoon winds temper the tropical conditions......

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa
Kilimanjaro is an inactive volcano mountain in North-eastern Tanzania. It has three extinct volcanic cones namely Kibo, Mawezi, and Shira. Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa and it provides a dramatic view of the surrounding plains......

Kenya luxury Safari.
A luxury Kenyan safari is one that will give you the opportunity to spend of some moments in the natural serenity and splendor of Kenya, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa......

The kikuyu are Kenya’s most populous ethnic group.
Kikuyu have a number of myths of their origin like a popular one that claims that when the Gikuyu and Mumbis daughters came of marrying age.....

The Kisii or Gusii or Kosova speak the ekegusii language.
The Kisii are regarded as one of the most economically active communities in Kenya, blessed with rolling tea estates, coffee, and banana groves......

Nairobi Hotels are among the best in the world
Among the most recommended Nairobi hotels are; Intercontinental hotel, The Hilton hotel, The Sarova Stanley hotel, Holiday inn Nairobi, Fairmont the Norfolk hotel...

Nyali Beach Hotel is decorated with classic African themes.
Nyali beach Hotel has fabulous accommodation facilities designed for vacationers who want hotel services or an option for self catered living. It has cottages for families ...

Thika, a market town in Kenya's central province
Thika is in the northeast of Nairobi about 40kms away. Thika is rapidly growing, extending towards the greater Nairobi area. It is the capital town of Thika district...

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